How many networking events have you attended where you wished it didn’t have to end?

Not many if you are like us.

We decided that something had to change so we created

Screw Networking As Usual!

Screw Networking As Usual is the ultimate
re-invention of live “networking” events

Say goodbye to go nowhere conversations,
limited time to actually network,
and to trading your precious time
for not a lot of real connection or value.


“By far the best networking event I’ve been to…” – AMY N

“The room was overflowing with people from various businesses, careers and sectors. The event enabled me to connect with them during breaks… created revenue for my business.” – JOHN R

Here’s a sneak peek at what sets a SNAU event apart


We want you to get the most value out of the night. So we’ve created a unique process that will allow you to meet EVERY person in the room. YES EVERY PERSON!

That may make some of you a bit nervous. But don’t worry it’s a lot of fun and we’ll coach you through it.


Being able to speak powerfully about who you are and what you do is a sign of a leader. We’ll help you move into your inner leader and express yourself so people remember you.


Every SNAU event features industry experts who are at the top of their games.

BUT, you won’t have to sit through an hour-long presentation of one person on one topic. We bring you a range of things to learn.


When you attend a SNAU event you become a part of the herd and part of a thriving community of people from many industries who come together for real connection, learning, and expanding their networks.

All of this plus food, fun and you finishing the night with the satisfaction of knowing the time was worth it and that you didn’t “miss” the “best” person for you in the room.

Networking, at its best, starts a conversation. It isn’t about shoving business cards at people. It’s a way to meet, get to know, and explore what’s possible for our businesses, our communities, and our lives. The event is also a place to sharpen your skills by learning from experts.

At Screw Networking Events We Guarantee You Will Learn, Connect, Stretch, and Meet Ideal Prospects

“We had a great time connecting with everyone and listening to the panelists…  love your passion for your work… excellence and value to customers.” – RAKIBA K

“If you have any opportunity to see Iman or Afrin teach or speak anywhere – take it, not only your business, but your life will change forever.” – BLANE F


6 Figure Speaker and
Event Strategist

6 Figure Speaker and
Event Strategist

(Iman and/or Afrin will be hosting upcoming Screw Networking Events.
To find out who is specifically hosting an event, please contact our team at

For the past 5 years we have hosted Screw Networking As Usual to crowds of people from all industries in New York City. Lawyers, Real Estate agents, Coaches, Entertainers, Speakers, Healers, and more have all gathered in the spirit of meeting and getting to know other business owners and others who want to grow and connect in a real way. A way that makes a difference for them, their business, and their communities.

And we don’t limit attendance to one person per category or business.

Got friends in your industry? Bring them along.
Have a few colleagues from another group who need some new energy—Bring them with you.

We believe that a diverse group of
thinkers and doers is the best kind of group.

“I’ve been to a lot of events and conferences and everyone promises you’re going to love the event, the community, and they don’t deliver. Afrin and Iman are the real deal and deliver on everything they say and more. They see potential in whatever stage you’re at and work with you from exactly where you are. Everything is relevant and customized to each participant, no matter where you are in your development.” – MAX M

“I got more value out my first hour at my last Red Elephant Event than I got from any event that I’ve attended in the last several years. Afrin and Iman are modeling a system based on providing value up-front rather than dangling a carrot in front of your face and then making you pay to get the rest, which only makes me want to work with them even more.” – JOHN B

Typical Agenda for the Evening

  • Registration & Networking
  • Learning, Activities, and Intros
  • Networking like an elephant
  • Guest experts and Open Q & A
  • Wrap up and mingle

Over the years word spread that SNAU was a great event and people who didn’t live in or near NYC started asking when we were coming to their city. Well, we have good news:

We are taking Screw Networking as Usual on the road!

We’re visiting multiple cities in the next few months and we want to meet YOU!

Don’t put off buying your ticket!

We don’t say this to brag but our events regularly sell out.

To ensure our events are the unique experience we promise, we have a limited number of seats for each event.


Screw Networking as Usual offers several sponsorship opportunities. A SNAU sponsorship is a great way to get in front a great community, be positioned as an expert and connect with potential prospects. Click here for more information.


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